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A Word from The Bronze Mage

 Welcome, one and all to the Colorfolk Wiki! Wait... Colorfolk Wiki?! This is an outrage! If anything, it should be the VEC Wiki! I demand an explanation!!

While I wait for one of the admins to change the name of this site, let me introduce myself. I am the Bronze Mage, the leader of the Vile Evil Confederacy in the 3WSR Universe. We worship and serve the Great Horned Beast, who will one day take his rightful place as ruler of the world. We often fight those imbecile Colorfolk, and the Servants of Metalicana, who would rather see a crazy dragon guy on the throne than our beloved Great Horned Beast.

Join us, my friends! If you don't, you shall be my foes!

Oh, and if you're wondering what the 3WSR Universe is, it's a spin-off of the Thomas & Friends Universe, but with a bit more to it - the Colorfolk, the protectors of Sodor, the Vile Evil Confederacy, the resident bad guys, the Servants of Metalicana, who are trying to become the super-villain supremos, the Numbered Diesels, created by Reginald Walkins, and of course, the engines. You hear about them once in a blue moon. But make no mistake, this is a Thomas and friends fan-universe, we are just among the prominent fan characters in the story.

Hope this helps! Now, about that name change....​

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Diesel 10

Diesel 10 is one of the most famous diesels in the Thomas Universe. He's different than most - he has a claw. This has made him an intriguing antagonist in the Series ever since Thomas and the Magic Railroad was released in 2000.

Diesel 10 has also been a major character in 3WSR. In the first arc on the New TTTE Wikia Forums, he made a wish that made him ruler of Sodor... which didn't last long... or did it?! Even now we don't know!

He's also been a great member of the Numbered Diesels clan, created by Reginald Walkins. While sometimes he may be a crazy, almost evil machine, deep down, he too has a heart.

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Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends have won the hearts of children around the world, through the Railway Series and TV Series. There are plenty of fans of it out there, from toddlers to teens to even adults!

It was through Thomas that Three Word Story Revolution, or 3WSR for short, was made. It was created on the TTTE Wikia Forums in late 2014 as a parody game to Three Word Story. However, it soon became a thing of its own. The Original TTTE Wikia Forums was closed in early 2015 to pave the way for the NEW TTTE Wikia Forums. 3WSR soon got a new life, and was more popular than ever. Unfortunately, it was deleted by the admins during the summer, because they decided it wasn't really a 'game'.

Due to this, TGC created a whole new forum for it. This paved the way to many great times, and a bunch of new things, from new arcs, to excellent fan fictions... and lots and lots of games! Now there are a bunch of great... and crazy... characters in The Game, from the Colorfolk to the VEC, and even running gags like Sherlock Holmes!

This website is intended to be a guide to everything 3WSR-related, and look into the little and big details of The Game.

Please note that around here, you will see this wiki both referred to as "Colorfolk Wiki" and "3WSR Wiki." While it is true that this story takes place in a Thomas the Tank Engine fandom universe, these terms are used to distinguish this wiki from the TTTE Wiki and other Thomas-related fansites, wikis and forums.

We currently have over 1,000 pages, and many more are created every day!
IMPORTANT PAGES: Colormen · Colorwomen · Vile Evil Confederacy · Servants of Metalicana · The Numbered Diesels

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